The Glenn Olson and Chris Tutty Wild Wild West Hollywood Art and Celebrity gala has been going on for several years raising countless dollars for charities such as the CJAY 92 fund, the Bill Brooks prostate cancer awareness fund, the Canadian Firewagon Chuck wagon Association and Kid's Cancer Care Foundation. If you would like to get involved in the next big charity event as a sponsor please contact us.




The following is an up date calandar on gallery showings and events for Chris and Faye Tutty.

Up and coming events


December              21,     2012  The CJAY92, COWBOY'S, EXECUTIVE ELITE      Calgary                                Chris

                                                  Get Sick with Saint Nick fundraiser


January                  25,    2013  The Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Awarness Gala,    Calgary Hotel Arts               Chris Tutty    art showing


February,          1,2,3,      2013  The Robert Kennedy Celebrity Ski Gala,                 Banff Fairmont                    Chris Tutty    art showing


March                    14      2016  Trout Unlimited Dinner                                            Calgary, Hyatt                     Chris Tutty Original painting


(TBA)                               2016  The Wild West Hollywood Art and Celebrity Gala,  Calgary


September            14       2016 Bill Powers ARBI                                                       Calgary,Heritage Pointe      original art for auciton


January                 30       2016 The Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Awarness Gala,    Calgary Hotel Arts               Chris Tutty art showing


June                        4       2016  The Italian's Mens Dinner                                       Calgary Thorncliff               original art for auction


June                      24       2016  Bill Powers ARBI                                                      Calgary, Priddis Greens      original art for auction


June                      29       2016  Vizard show                                                             U of C                                Chris Tutty art showing MC


August                   13       2016  Priddis Greens Charity Classic                                Calgary, Priddis Greens      original art for auction







Bill Brooks, Calgary Herald

Published: Friday, February 08, 2013

Stargazing was the sport of choice last weekend as scores of Hollywood celebs gathered in Banff and at Sunshine Village to frolic in the Rockies and raise money for charity. The Fairmont Banff Springs Sports Invitational played host to stars who skied and snowboarded by day and partied by night at the fabulous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Funds raised throughout the two-day, three-night event were directed to Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental movement founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The fastest-growing movement in the world is the leading voice for waterways and has, since its inception in 1966, protected and patrolled more than 1.5 million square miles of waterways.

Host-with-the-most Kennedy was joined by stars the likes of: Susan Sarandon; Pierce Brosnan; Michael Keaton; Alicia Silverstone; Matthew Gray Gubler; Lorenzo Lamas; Cheech Marin; Mimi Rogers; Melissa Rivers; Cheryl Hines; James Edward Olmos; Jimmy Rankin; Melissa Gilbert; A.J. Cook; Minnie Driver; Tim Daly; Rob Morrow; Fran Drescher; Alan Thicke; Camryn Manheim; Lyle Lovett; and Tim Busfield.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and actress Cheryl Hines shared hosting duties. Pierece Brosnan abd artist Chris Tutty showcased their art and raised some serious money for the Waterkeepers.






For many, the highlight of the weekend was Saturday evening's gala. Guests shelled out $500 a pop to sup on superb food, sip great wine, bid on live and silent auction items and dance the night away to Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. One of the top live-auction items was a weekend in Cape Cod, Mass., with the Kennedy clan at their Hyannis Port compound. Hob-knobbing with America's most famous family went for a cool $50K. Lyle Lovett's Collings Jumbo Sunburst guitar garnered $20K, while a two-night stay at the Four Seasons in New York complete with tickets - and a meet-and-greet - to Alec Baldwin's new Broadway show Orphans fetched $6K.


Others spotted throughout the weekend included: famous local artist Chris Tutty with bidders of his artwork Joy Harari and Michael Colorzen visiting from New York; W. Brett Wilson; Kevin Lowe and his wife Karen Percy Lowe; famed Chinese actor Xia Yu; Rachael Harris and Christian Hebel; Jean Paul Mitchell Systems' Julie Solwold and Veronika Judish; Conquest Entertainment president Bill Schaffer with Anna Colona, Esther Kin Varet and Perrey Reeves; Vision Electronics president George Finlayson and his wife Rebecca; April Kimble, better half of Lyle Lovett; Travel Alberta president Bruce Okabe and his wife Vicki; Lee Richardson; Mark Tewksbury; Clara Hughes; Cary Mullen; Daniel Montalto; Al Joyner; and Sunshine Village president Ralph Scurfield.



© The Calgary Herald 2013


Stars align for Banff water benefit

Bill Brooks, Calgary Herald

Published: Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star-gazing, skiing and partying hearty were the trappings at last weekend's Fairmont Banff Springs Sports Invitational hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Alec Baldwin and friends.

The two-day, three-night event benefited Waterkeeper Alliance, the fastest growing environmental movement in the world.

For many, the event's highlight was Saturday evening's Awards and Gala Dinner, which raised an impressive $885,000 through live and silent auction items (not surprising though when you consider a trekking in Bhutan auction item fetched a cool $80,000).



A fave event was the Saturday evening performance by Grammy Award-winner Michael McDonald of Doobie Brothers fame who was joined on stage by fellow Grammy winner Kenny Loggins. Talk about rocking the house!

Spotted throughout the three-day bash were : Emmy Award winner Camryn Manheim; talk-show host Melissa Rivers; actor Mimi Rogers; The Single Guy's Jonathan Silverman and his wife, Jennifer Finnigan; Alicia Silverstone; Kevin Sorbo, a.k.a. Hercules; Falcon Crest's Lorenzo Lamas and wife Shawna Craig; Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden; MP Lee Richardson with Tamara Loisell; a very fit-looking Alec Baldwin (dating a New York City yoga instructor will do that); WestJet president and CEO Gregg Saretsky and his wife, Debb, with colleague Richard Bartrem and wife C.J. Walker; Nomadic Pictures' Chad Oakes with Christine Rogan; John Paul DeJoria, chairman and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems and owner of Patron Spirits; National Parks Ski Area Association director Crosbie Cotton and his wife, Monica Cole; Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley; Natural 9 Entertainment president Jeff Androsky; American Seafoods chairman and CEO Bernt Bodal with Alex Bodal; Santa Fe Motor Sports' Sid Mace; Elspeth Goad and Cinnie Segsworth; Jack Sabato; Georgia Sievwright; Forent Energy's Kerry Forgeron with Congruity Group's Jason Matthison; artist Chris Tutty, whose painting garnered a cool $7K at auction; Travel Alberta's Ruth Kelly and Jan Fisher with Larry Kelly and David Inkster; Travel Alberta's Bryon Dickie with Karen Rogers; Emmy nominee Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm); Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen; Genie Ireland and Daniel Taukinukufili; John Paul Mitchell Systems vicepresident Julie Solwold ; and Growing Pains' Alan Thicke.



© Calgary Herald 2012



Artist Chris Tutty © Calgary Herald 2012


The spritied live and silent auction held at the Gala Saturday evening saw serious coin raised for Waterkeeper Alliance-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s fave charity. Tutty’s canvas sold for a cool $7 grand and was purchased by actor Jonathan Silverman of The Single Guy fame.





Local artists hoping to lasso some support for charity














Actor Bret Dunn , Robin Leach, Chris Tutty

LOUIS B. HOBSON Calgary Sun © 2009




 Local artists Chris Tutty, Glenn Olson and 70 of their closest friends hope to lasso some support for two of their favourite charities.

On Saturday, Tutty and Olson will host the Wild, Wild, West Hollywood Art Exhibit and Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Stampede Casino.

"This event is in support of the Kids' Cancer Care Foundation and Canadian Firewagon Chuckwagon Association. We're hoping it will become an annual fundraiser for both," says Tutty, who has been working on his Wild, Wild West Hollywood show for the past five months.


"We have artists from the local community, including many Native artists, including Glenn and myself, Lisa Marshall, Wanda Wong, Shane Repka, Chris Lynch Aquart and Kalum Teke Dan. We are jokingly calling it the cowboys and Indians art exhibition."


One of the highlights of the art exhibition will be the unveiling of Spirit Brother, Olson's new portrait of Canadian Native actor Nathaniel Arcand, who plays Scott Cardinal on TV's Heartland, which is filmed in Alberta.


Chris Potter, who plays Tim Fleming on Heartland, will also be in attendance as well as Dakota House, who will be playing with his band.

Musicians Marty Antonini and Angela White will also perform and they will all participate in the autograph signing session at 5:30 p.m. followed by the silent auction and celebrity gala at 6 p.m.


"People have been so supportive. The Stampede Casino has donated their facilities for the exhibition and for the poker tournament and Spolumbos, Osteria and Bona Roma are all donating food for the wine and cheese at 4:30, which kicks off the event," says Tutty.


Tickets for the Wild, Wild West Hollywood event are $25 and are available at the Stampede Casino, Ticketmaster and the Kensington Art Supply store.






Next my LOGO, Chris Tutty .. a very patient and talented man has created my logo and spokeswoman all in one. my logo and border are exclusive (as is the girl) and original art made specifically for my company by Chris. I think he has captured the essesnce and playfulness as well as the idea that skin care should be luxurious and natural. Thank you Chris Tutty...(if you are looking for a fabulous grafic artist he is your man)









Previous events




Proud Partners of Alberta's Promise

 Have you ever experienced an art exhibit, strolling minstrels and celebrities playing poker all in support of a worthy case while set in an atmosphere of a western hoe-down neighborly gathering?  No?  Then this event is for you – if you dare!

• It’s called … The Glenn Olson and Chris Tutty Wild, Wild, West Hollywood Art Exhibit & Celebrity Gala.

• Where:  Belgo

• When:  (TBA)

• Event Times: 4:30 pm - Wine and cheese with appetizers


• 5:30 pm - Artist and Actor print / autograph signing

• Be the first to receive one of 50 limited art proof prints signed and numbered by the Artist and the Actor/presenting casino showgirls and buddy the clown


• 6:00 pm - Silent Auction & Celebrity Gala

• A showcasing & sale of local art talent including:

• Canadian Actors & Musicians - Marty Antonini & Angela White

• Canadian Artists – Glenn Olsen ,Chris Tutty, Faye Tutty, Lisa Marshall, Shane Repka & Erin Brekke Conn

• Native Artists - Chris Lynch Aquart, Kalum Teke Dan


• 9:00 pm - Celebrity Charity Gala

• Watch local celebrities such as Flames & Stampeder players, Actors, Musicians… lay down their poker hands for charity


Proceeds:  Go to the Canadian FIREWAGON Chuckwagon Association and Kids Cancer Care Foundation.


• Other tidbits about the event include:

• Witness the unveiling for the first time of “Spirit Brothers” by two time Best of Show winner at the Calgary Stampede, Canadian wildlife artist Glenn Olson

• Featuring Hollywood film actor Nathaniel Arcand of CBC’s Heartland, North of Sixty, Grey Owl and American Outlaws

• Introducing key cast members from Heartland who will be available for autographs and pictures,Amber Marshall,Dakota House.

• Never Trust A Cowboy With One Spur… Dating Stories and Lessons Learned Author, Shelley Repka shares tales from her book and the book will be available for sale too

• Be entertained by other talented songsters such as; the Firewagon Band, Dallas Arcand with Alberta House plus special guests




Glenn Tutty - VP Sabre Energy, Calgary, AB  |  Chris Tutty - Graphic Art Designer, Owner Executive Elite Marketing, Calgary, AB


“Ten years ago many oil and gas executives thought [the] North American business was in its sunset; the new pools being found kept getting smaller, risks were increasing, overhead rising. New technology, however, has been a game changer, and now everyone is back in North America—redeveloping or expanding existing pools, drilling in areas never previously contemplated,” says Tutty.


Tutty’s career started with Texaco Exploration in Calgary as a junior petroleum geologist earning a new grad’s $600 monthly. Following the buyout of Texaco by Imperial Oil in 1990, Tutty became the General Manager of exploration and Chief Geoscientist in charge of exploration activities and geoscience staff development. While in Houston, his advisory roles earned him the appointments of VP and director of two Esso Papua New Guinea companies, with a mission to advance shareholder endorsements for business proposals from Essos Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.


Today, as Sabre Energy Ltd.’s VP of Exploration he now exercises his broad influence and interests in legacy oil and gas properties in Western Canada and opportunity screening and mapping to identify new areas for growth.


“Never underestimate the creativity and ingenuity of the people in this industry,” says Tutty, a firm believer in capitalizing on existing fields to maximize production and enhance recovery. “I see a ‘redevelopment’ of the hydrocarbon basins of the world with new technology as learnings from North America are applied elsewhere.”


Recalling the challenges he had as a new grad to embrace technology, such as electronic data management systems, he advises the younger set to keep an open mind to new technologies but be cognizant of the risks and “know when it’s time to end a project … let the information drive the path and direction, and most importantly, cultivate and maintain your networks as they can give you a broader vision of the future.”


His son, Chris Tutty, a marketing wizard, artistic genius, and entrepreneur, underscores his father’s notions to realize one’s limitations and invest your efforts in a quality mentor. “I know what I’m good at and what I’m not. If someone can do something in two hours and save me time, then let him or her do it.”


Chris’s art has impacted many charities, including the Kennedy Foundation, The Waterkeepers Alliance, Bill Brooks, and Trout Unlimited, to name a few. One of his most recent works was purchased by Pierce Brosnan, and his client list is growing legs.


Referring to his mentor, Paul Vickers of US Flood Control, Chris Tutty states, “(Paul) can look back and tell you [what he did wrong, but] you have to listen. [You must] be willing to reinvent yourself.” Chris advises to set aside money if you need to make it happen, “Re-prioritize to reinvent, … but don’t take no for an answer.








Artist Chris Tutty, T.J Anderson and actor Chris Williams Recevie the White Hat Award for their contributions to the city of Calgary

Tribute golf tourney nets $160K for ARBI





Artist Chris Tutty, centre, and Stephanie Wilson, right, of BScene TV, are pictured with Sheila’s Drapery’s Ted Knapik, left, who bid $5,700 for this painting of John Lennon. This bid helped boost the money raised at the McKinley Masters/ARBI Charity Classic to $160,000.

The live auction was conducted with vigour by Bill Brown of Elevate Auctions, Canada’s only full-service fundraising auction group, designed for working with charitable causes.


The highlight of the auction was a custom painting of John Lennon by local artist Chris Tutty, with Ted Knapik of Sheila’s Drapery taking it home with the high bid of $5,700.


Brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, at any age.


Research in neuroplasticity shows the brain can rewire itself to regain lost skills, taking over for damaged parts.


This special organization has become an essential part of the community over the past 35 years and raises a large amount of its annual budget from the community.


For more information, visit


The tournament will be back next year in support of ARBI, says Beattie.


The 2015 Priddis Greens Charity Classic held Aug 11-13 in support of the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre raised an impressive $395,000 thanks to sponsors, golfers and donors of auction items. Pictured with a canvas painted especially for the auction is artist Chris Tutty with Executive Elite Marketing’s Emmilene Zak. CALGARY HERALD