Chris Tutty is a local boy, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. His love of the arts could be observed in every school he attended from: poetry books, yearbook covers, coloring contests, large murals, paintings, and his participation in various school productions and talent shows.   After high school Chris stopped painting and drawing all together to pursue a Geology degree. It seemed more practical to follow his father's footsteps into the oil and gas field.


Chris also sells real-estate, and has worked on many different movie projects, tv and commercials throughout the years from The Assassination of Jesse James to Passchendaele. Currently he is co-producing a tv show called the Chevy Boyzzz with co-star David “Shark” Fralick of The Young and the Restless.


Over the years Chris rarely had a spare moment to explore and express his truly passionate side through art. With the passing of three incredibly influential people in his life, Chris found himself drawn back to what always helped him convey his raw unfiltered emotions, art.


With several events, newspaper, magazine articles as well as showings under his belt, Chris decided to go back to school. He was the top student in his Graphic Arts and Design program and was awarded the class Valedictorian with top marks in his program. Currently Chris is also training and collaborating with Blake McCully of Cross-Eyed airbrushing, together they are taking art to a new level.


In 2015, over two hundred thousand dollars has been raised for local Charites in Calgary through a partnership with Bill Brown of Elevated Auctions, Chris and YYC Charity. Chris’s charitable activities were also recognized in October 2015 by Vigor International with a Humanitarian Award.  Today, Chris has several celebrity clients and contributes to charities. Chris has worked with the Kennedys Waterkeepers Alliance in which he was the feature artist, and was able to show his work along with actor Pierce Brosnan.


Chris has an amazing ability to express art in a diverse range of mediums: from exact photorealism to the inimitable abstracts. More often than not his pictures are a unique blend of both. What I love best about my brother’s work is... the vivid emotions I feel when viewing his audacious color combinations. We have only seen the tip of his natural, raw, untapped talent.


Keri-Dawn Tutty-Hill